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“We are insiders, connectors to many sectors and places.”
Maruti Blue Productions works to connect our client’s project goals to the resources required for successful delivery.
We are here to be the solutions to your concerns and issues covering production, photography, filming, journalism and many other areas.
Our company began in 2008 as a small company offering fixer and personal assistant services. Our capabilities and network of resource providers have increased greatly, in line with demand for our services.
Maruti Blue Productions offers top quality local support for filmmakers seeking to create productions in Brazil.

Angel Melo

Owner - Producer and Director at Maruti Blue Productions


An experienced producer, interpreter and fixer, Angel Melo has worked on a diverse range of projects for clients including YAHOO! Dubai, Discovery Channel, Michelin and the Danish Broadcasting Corporation.


Bilingual in Portuguese and English, she founded Maruti Blue Productions in 2008 as a small company offering fixer and personal assistant services for film crews and companies working on projects in Brazil. The company grew and Angel now works as a film producer, managing large scale crews, researching stories, scouting locations, and arranging every aspect of filming logistics from travel and accommodation arrangements to permit applications and the recruiting of crew members.


Her network of resource providers and local experts has grown exponentially too, along with the demand from international filmmakers for her services.


In 2016, Angel Melo debuted as a director, with the documentary The Other Side of The Post Card, where she reports police violence in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro.

She also was the Field Producer for the documentary production A River Below directed by Mark Grieco. The film was showcased at both Tribeca and Sheffield. 

Tom Moura

Director of Photography


Tom brings together experience and sensitivity as a cinematographer, with a close eye on details respecting production deadlines.


Tom has experience in working on TV series, international documentaries and feature films. He also works in the coordination of the technical team, adding professionalism and agility to the film set.

Gui Algarve

Sound Operator


Gui Algarve works as a production sound mixer since 1997, working in all areas, fiction, documentary, and TV shows.


Algarve has specialized equipment and national and international experience, having filmed in various extreme environments, such as sea, desert, snow, mountain and forest.

Telma Cortez

Make-Up Artist

ANGEL- Equipe - Telma Cortez-BAIXA.jpg
Telma brings together the roles of makeup artist and production assistant, adding versatility and dynamism to our productions.
She has a natural talent in dealing with people making the environment pleasant and harmonious.
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